Nourishing Our Roots

Nourishing Our Roots is a 7 week introductory course in re-membrance of Traditional Shamanic Wisdom & Earth Spirit Medicine rooted in experiential knowledge and heart-centered healing. 

This is a non-dogmatic, non-religious, come as you are setting where we assist one another in holding Sacred Space for Inner Healing, as we re-member and honor the ancient traditions used and passed on by our Elders. 

In this hands-on course, you will intimately explore and experience universal shamanic principles which support and encourage balanced living in a modern age.


We share practical tools and systems to help you re-connect to your Authentic Self, uncover hidden blockages, deepen relationship with the Earth and natural elements around us, and create empowering habits to support your growth and wellbeing, all with the loving support of community.

Classes Expand Upon:

+ Establishing & Strengthening Connection with the Inner Realm & Higher Self
+ Tuning of the Senses

+ Importance of Ritual
+ Basic Energetic Protection & Safety Techniques
+ Establishing a Personal Power Spot
+ Shamanic Breathing Techniques & Meditation
+ Grounding & Drawing Energy from Mother Earth

+ Proper Plant & Spirit Offerings

+ Understanding of the 4 directions & their significance

+ Developing Relationships with Plant, Stone, Animal & Spirit Companions

+ Creation of Sacred Altar & Tools
+ Altered Brain Wave States & Drum Journeying


14+ class hours

All backgrounds, experience levels + peoples welcome!


Embodying Inner Balance

This is a deeply transformational course in Spiritual Alchemy, designed for the Earth Warrior in YOU!


Join us for our 9 week intensive course in Shadow Work and Self-Mastery, as we learn to befriend our Shadows, harness and direct our Inner Light, and bring our primal self into balance.




How often do you consciously give time to witness and acknowledge the hurt, scared, or unloved parts of yourself? 


Can you identify the voice of your Higher Intuition from the voice of your fears? 


Can you hold yourself in loving compassion when you feel you've fallen short of your own expectations? 


Can you hold yourself accountable to your dreams and desires when no one else is watching? 


Are you the hero in your own Journey, or are you still waiting for someone or something else to magically shift your Universe?



Over these 9 expansive weeks together, we give you the tools to catch any limiting patterns and harmful belief systems you may be unconsciously running, shed Light on your shadows, and transmute toxic energy into Nourishment, Medicine, and Magick!


We help you face your blockages and push beyond your boundaries as you get to the Heart of what you truly wish to nurture and manifest in your Life. 

You'll learn to identify the difference between the voice of your gut, your Higher Guidance, your radiant Inner Truth - and the voice of the hurt, projected parts of yourself you've yet to accept, forgive, and fully integrate. 


You'll learn to hold space for yourself and others, as you rewrite your story and honestly witness, acknowledge, and process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from a place of love and empowerment. 

Together, we walk you through the process of observing and allowing both the Shadow and the Light to be our teachers, shifting perspective from seeing either as "good" or "bad," and instead, as simply whole reflections of our experience, ever gifting us the opportunity to expand into greater possibilities for ourselves, those around us, and the world we are co-creating.

Classes Expand Upon:

+ Understanding our Basic Human Characteristics & Behaviors
+ Becoming the Observer

+ Identifying Limiting Patterns & Programming
+ Aligning our Inner Thoughts & Outer Speech with our True Intentions
+ Establishing a System for Deeper Awareness & Personal Accountability
+ Alchemical Self Care & Nourishment

+ Breathing, Balancing, Centering & Grounding Exercises to Shift Consciousness

+ Sacred Prayer & Ritual Ceremony for Release of Shortcomings

18+ class hours


This offering is a call to those who are truly ready to move beyond their challenges, embody the role of Creator, and embrace their Higher Purpose for the benefit of all living things. Overcome your shortcomings, celebrate your virtues, and walk in Harmony with your Radiant Empowered Self!


All backgrounds, experience levels + peoples welcome!

(May be taken to satisfy the second level of our Shamanic Practioner Certification Program, or as a standalone course for those who wish to dive into Internal Shadow Work.) 


Creating Sacred Relationship

Join us for a 9 week course of Empowered Co-Creation, Devotion, and Sacred Tool Making as we awaken the Ancestral Wisdom woven into our very DNA, strengthen relationships within our Spiritual Community, and call our Guides and Allies into full presence within our Circle of Power.

In this hands-on course, you will establish a strong support web, develop a system for conscious and lasting self-care and accountability, build foundational skills & Intuitive Inner-standing of basic healing techniques, and create an expansive Personal Family Wheel and Sacred Medicine Tools to support your own unique needs, vision, and practice.

We will build one another up, as we explore and encourage the creative expression and gifts of each individual throughout our time together.

Classes Expand Upon:

+ Your Energetic Boundaries & Environment
+ Making, Breaking, & Choosing Habits
+ Discovering & Deepening Relationship with Self, as well as our Spirit, Animal, Ancestral, & Archetypal Guides
+ Developing Inner Trust & Knowingness
+ Intuitive Course Correction & Guided Action
+ Introduction to Opening/Holding Space for Others
+ Basic Healing Techniques & Hands-On Practices for use with Self & Other
+ Creation of Your Family Medicine Wheel & Sacred Tools to compliment your Healing Work
+ Body Talk, Heart Tone
+ Developing Practices for Regular Self Check-In & Nourishment
+ Claiming Your Power
+ The Breath of Life: Ceremonial Consecration & Honoring of Your Medicine Tools

27+ class hours

All backgrounds, + peoples welcome!

Prerequisite for this course:

**Those who have completed Shamanic Practice Levels I, II & III will receive certification at the completion of this course.**



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