The handheld drum is woven into the music, stories, and traditions of cultures world-wide.
Used as a tool of connection between people and their environment since times immemorial, the drum may serve as a bridge between realms, allowing us to access and emote our deepest feelings and collective memories. 

It is no wonder as a species we were making music centuries before the advent of agriculture!

Though wonderful for entertainment and celebratory purposes, the voice of the drum is also a profound guide and teacher, capable of leading us back to Source through nurturing connection to not only the Self, but to the vibration of our Ancestors. 


How often did they sing their stories with the drum?

How often did they pray for us, for the health and prosperity of their children? 

And how, today, may we honor them - not just the human lineage before us, but all our relations? 


We seek to nourish and uphold this intimate and unique form of Sound Medicine by honoring the original teachers, the Plant & Animal Spirits, the way our Ancestors did - through music.

With this vision, we offer beautiful, day long ceremonies of connection and re-membrance, inviting community members to join us in the creation of their own personal medicine drums.

Together, we call in Sacred Space, set Intention for Healing and focused Inner Reflection, and Journey with the vibration of the drum into the Heart of the Divine Mother. Here, we create space to connect more deeply to the Self, the lineage of peoples before us, and the unique medicine of the Plant and Animal Spirits present both in the materials we are working with, as well as our collective memories and experiences. 

Learn about the spiritual and practical significance of the drum and beater, enjoy stories, and so much more, as we offer hands on guidance throughout the day to help you create, care for, and work with your drum as a tool for healing both your Self and your loved ones for years to come!

The maker does not make the drum, the drum makes the maker.

We have come to know these instruments as living beings and lifelong companions, with the power to help us transform our personal practices and beliefs, lifestyle choices, and health, right down to our connection with the foods we eat!


Mirroring our own beating hearts, may the vibration and stories of the drum serve to realign and revitalize the many aspects of Body and Spirit, for the benefit of All Life. 

Each ceremony offering includes all materials you'll need and a full day of hands-on instruction.

All backgrounds, experience levels + peoples welcome!


If you are interested in experiencing one of these offerings near you,

please reach out to let us know or visit our events calendar to see where the next one will be!

Feb 28, 11:00 AM PST
Waking Seed Heartquarters



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