Where artistic expression, heart led leadership, native folk wisdom, and science-backed holistic wellness meet - is us.

We are a collective of creative entrepreneurs and professionals here to help you honor and nurture the seeds of your wildest dreams,

as you reclaim your divine birthright to optimal health, happiness, and abundance!

our mission is to help you shine like the glorious starseed you are!

No matter what phase you're in



Nata is a Mother, Artist, Certified Shamanic Herbalist, and Plant Spirit Guide working in the Wise Woman Healing Tradition. She approaches energy work & teaching through the belief that we each possess the power to heal and transform our lives by employing nourishing, regenerative practices which support both our own health, as well as the health of our local and global communities. Nata hopes to inspire and empower others along the Path as we each tap into Higher Guidance and Ancestral Wisdom, harness our unique gifts, and play toward harmonious collective growth! She finds inspiration in nature, music, and art in all its many forms, and specializes in Plant Communication, Color Therapy, Conscious Language, Bioacoustics, and Sound Healing to align us each with divine God Consciousness.

Nico is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Teaching Master. Moved by the beauty and mysticism of the Universe, Nico has spent over a decade studying numerous cultural traditions, rituals, and techniques for personal growth and healing. He employs this Ancient Wisdom in his own spiritual practice, and hopes to share these gifts with others along this Journey.​ He specializes in Shamanic Sound Sessions, Liberating Breath Work, Healing through Artistic Expression, and body work through Capoeira Angola. With an emphasis on Heart Centered Healing, Nico's work is based on re-aligning the Spirit with Love for all things under the Sun.