aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious desires

Our deepest healing often occurs through play,

when we allow ourselves to relax into the expansive bliss of BEING just who we are. 

Join us with Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Kristin Dwan of The Healing Woods

for her signature 6 week virtual course designed to help you harness the power of your subconscious mind

and call home your Inner Child through fun, practical, and easy-to-integrate healing techniques!


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So much of our conditioned programming and behavior occurs just beneath the surface of our immediate awareness, in the realm of our subconscious thinking and expression.

On the one hand, this means we each became naturally seasoned experts when it came to the subtle nuances and behaviors necessary for our survival in our environment as children and adolescents...

And on the other,  


Humans are designed to be highly adaptable beings. 
We naturally seek to find our likeness create harmonious energetic frequencies

When we understand how the subconscious mind works, we are able to reprogram it to serve our Highest Wishes


This offering will provide you with practical tools to use in your daily life to navigate different situations, relationships, family dynamics, career pursuits, and creative endeavors as we heal and reflect on the gifts of our Feminine Lineage.


By embarking on this healing journey, we may release the stories and energies we no longer wish to carry, creating the loving, safe space for the Inner Child to be fully expressed!


When we give ourselves permission to BE who we are through the vibration of Perfect Love, we nurture and share that sense of balance, safety, empowerment, and confidence with those around us, for our children - and all generations to come.

If your Heart is calling for a positive experience to uplift

and bring more joy into your life NOW,

this is for you!

In this full-bodied offering, you will receive...

Five online videos with four detailed modules to guide you through our Journey together, integrate these transformational processes, see the bigger picture, step into your Power, and resonate with the positivity and love you need to BE who you are and flourish!

Four of Leslie's Auracle Healing Cards in PDF format with Images and Mandalas

specifically selected for this Powerful Journey

A 30 minute live Q+A session with Leslie to drop in further and receive channeled messages

Two Guided Experiential Colour Meditations in the vibration of Pink and Red

to nurture a sense of peace and comfort

 Downloadable PDF Guidance - 29 pages FULL of Love, Wisdom, and practical tools to enjoy and support your daily experiences

The option to receive a 20 minute personal guidance session with Leslie during and after your Journey for additional 1:1 support


While we are holding the container for this offering from August 19th through September 16th 2020, this is a Self Guided Journey, where you'll be able to drop in and explore the information, meditations, and videos in your own space and time as it feels right to you.


If you'd like to follow along with us,

the live Q+A session with Leslie will be held from 10-10:30am PST on September 6th.

Connection + Logistics

Upon registering, you will receive everything you need to begin your Journey, including:

- 1 PDF with the login and password to view the 5 supporting videos with weekly guidance, as well as the links to listen to the guided meditations for our journey. These meditations will further nurture and comfort you during our time with the Pink and Red Auracles. 

- 1 PDF with 29 pages full of Wisdom and Love to support you through this transformational path of awakening and empowerment

- 4 PDFs representing the 4 Auracles with the Images and Mandalas you'll need during our Journey

While we encourage you to practice and follow along with us daily, this offering has been specifically designed to be experienced in your own timing, so you have the space to explore the information and integrate your experiences as it feels best to you. If you'd like to take advantage of the opportunity to ask any questions and receive further clarity and guidance from Leslie, please join us for our live Q+A sessions on the scheduled dates above. If you are unable to join us live, these sessions will be recorded for you to view at a later time. 



Abundance Exchange

In an attempt to make this offering accessible to as many people as possible, there are multiple different affordable pricing tiers and packages available with additional perks! Simply follow the button below to learn more and find the package which makes most sense for you! 


Join us in honor and exploration of your Self,

as we align with the wisdom of our Feminine Lineage!

Meet Kristin

Author, Reiki Master + Hypnotherapist

Kristin Dwan is a heart-centered Reiki Master Hypnotherapist who specializes in soul-deep healing of the subconscious and ancestral level to release you from the blockages that keep you from the life, love, and joy you yearn to experience. She guides you to awaken within you the healing and wisdom that is yours to use to better your life and the lives around you.

Kristin found her introduction to Reiki and the path of transformation early in life by dying and coming back to life in a burn ward, receiving skin grafts for 3rd-degree burns over 30% of her body. Going through this lesson showed Kristin the huge difference between thriving in life versus merely existing, and she has been thriving ever since.

She has a deep passion for helping people find the power within their pain and the wisdom within their struggle. She loves empowering people all over the world with the energy of the Universe that Reiki is in order to heal themselves and the people around them. Each session and class she offers creates a huge ripple effect of love and healing which spreads across the globe.


Kristin's true magic resides in empowering people to become the thriving beings they dream of experiencing the joy, abundance, love, and health they were put on this earth to receive.



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