become empowered by embracing the gifts of your


As we all navigate these challenging times,

many feel in need of additional guidance, support, and personal connection.

Join us with Master Healer and Colour Therapist Leslie Sloane 

for a transformational 4 week guided journey into the Gifts of your own Feminine Lineage

as we awaken a sense of joy, purpose, strength, and internal leadership

through healing and honoring the Light of the Inner Child!

As the world continues to transition around us, it becomes increasingly more important to align with the vibrations and experiences we'd like to nurture and create in our lives.


This offering will provide you with practical tools to use in your daily life to navigate different situations, relationships, family dynamics, career pursuits, and creative endeavors as we heal and reflect on the gifts of our Feminine Lineage.


By embarking on this healing journey, we may release the stories and energies we no longer wish to carry, creating the loving, safe space for the Inner Child to be fully expressed!


When we give ourselves permission to BE who we are through the vibration of Perfect Love, we nurture and share that sense of balance, safety, empowerment, and confidence with those around us, for our children - and all generations to come.

If your Heart is calling for a positive experience to uplift

and bring more joy into your life NOW,

this is for you!

In this full-bodied offering, you will receive...

Five online videos with four detailed modules to guide you through our Journey together, integrate these transformational processes, see the bigger picture, step into your Power, and resonate with the positivity and love you need to BE who you are and flourish!

Four of Leslie's Auracle Healing Cards in PDF format with Images and Mandalas

specifically selected for this Powerful Journey

A 30 minute live Q+A session with Leslie to drop in further and receive channeled messages

Two Guided Experiential Colour Meditations in the vibration of Pink and Red

to nurture a sense of peace and comfort

 Downloadable PDF Guidance - 29 pages FULL of Love, Wisdom, and practical tools to enjoy and support your daily experiences

The option to receive a 20 minute personal guidance session with Leslie during and after your Journey for additional 1:1 support


While we are holding the container for this offering from August 19th through September 16th 2020, this is a Self Guided Journey, where you'll be able to drop in and explore the information, meditations, and videos in your own space and time as it feels right to you.


If you'd like to follow along with us,

the live Q+A session with Leslie will be held from 10-10:30am PST on September 6th.

Connection + Logistics

Upon registering, you will receive everything you need to begin your Journey, including:

- 1 PDF with the login and password to view the 5 supporting videos with weekly guidance, as well as the links to listen to the guided meditations for our journey. These meditations will further nurture and comfort you during our time with the Pink and Red Auracles. 

- 1 PDF with 29 pages full of Wisdom and Love to support you through this transformational path of awakening and empowerment

- 4 PDFs representing the 4 Auracles with the Images and Mandalas you'll need during our Journey

While we encourage you to practice and follow along with us daily, this offering has been specifically designed to be experienced in your own timing, so you have the space to explore the information and integrate your experiences as it feels best to you. If you'd like to take advantage of the opportunity to ask any questions and receive further clarity and guidance from Leslie, please join us for our live Q+A sessions on the scheduled dates above. If you are unable to join us live, these sessions will be recorded for you to view at a later time. 



Abundance Exchange

In an attempt to make this offering accessible to as many people as possible, there are multiple different affordable pricing tiers and packages available with additional perks! Simply follow the button below to learn more and find the package which makes most sense for you! 


Join us in honor and exploration of your Self,

as we align with the wisdom of our Feminine Lineage!

Meet Leslie

Alchemist, Colour Therapist + Master Healer

Leslie Sloane is an Oracle, Master Healer, Alchemist, internationally recognized author, and Creator of Auracle's Colour Therapy. She was born with the ability to see Universal energy or particles of Iridescent Light. Her gift helps her create multi-dimensional healing tools of living consciousness through Colour, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometries, Blessings, and words of Love and Gratitude. Through these uniquely channeled offerings, Leslie brings an awareness to each soul which expands beyond the 3rd dimension, igniting a deeper sense of peace, joy, safety, and Heart Coherence within her clients by connecting to the inner child and awakening a profound sense of Self Love. One of her greatest gifts is to see and nurture this beautiful inner being - who simply wants acknowledgement and to be honored as an expression of Source Energy. Leslie has offered private healing sessions and Colour Therapy workshops rooted in the vibration of Unconditional Love and Self-Realization since 1994. Her latest creation, "Become Empowered by Embracing the Gifts of Your Feminine Lineage," is a catalyzing 4-week online experiential journey for those now ready to connect, bridge, and heal their inner child relationship - to transform their story and embody the Light of their authentic Being!



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