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  • The power of my language has multiple meanings to me. The words I choose , the tone I speak them, the body language that may, or may not, match my words. The feeling I have when I share any of this language with others is probably the most powerful part of my language.  I haven’t even touched on written language and how confusing this can be via emails and texts without the ability to hear the tone, or see the body language. And many people, including myself, are not always the best at grammar or punctuation. This can alter the message and change the power of the language being shared.  Communicating with people and other living things allows for a variety of different options. Language is universal and comes in many forms. Language of love and spiritual language seem to be on my mind so often but to speak to people, animals or any living thing, shares an intention, or vibration, or energy that is very focused. I believe this is what provides our language with power. I am extremely aware that with focused energy in any language you will create the intended power you speak. I am learning that focusing my energy into spoken words, in addition to thoughts, does create a more powerful energy. This is interesting to me, but not new. For example, many people pray out loud, like the prayer we just learned. This prayer helps to focus the intent of our vibration and gives it more power then the thought alone. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because our breath gives these thoughts more life, more power?  No matter whether I clearly understand the reasons behind the magic. I must remember that because I have this power, with any language I choose, that it can affect those around me and the reality I want to create. After all the intent is to communicate, so what am I sharing? Am I communicating the message I am intending? This can be tricky if I am not aware of my own feelings and intent. This tells me I must be mindful of this power and do my best to communicate affectively. Match my words with the feelings I want to communicate so there is no confusion on my part, or on the part of others I may be communicating with.  And more importantly know myself so that I am able to communicate my true intentions.  Lots of love, Nicole
  • We grow together sugar cane fields from my childhood an emerald blanket in Cali stretched along the highway for kilometers thriving together up close tall and sturdy iridescent green against the sun Just like us the tall canes are chopped cut cracked open ...and let me tell you Abundant taste sweetest nectar each fiber holds the water one has to bite into it We are like that full of nectar iridescent cracking open before we get to the good stuff forget then remember unto the little self die then live I keep lighting sage and praying and writing down the shit hoping to inspire myself & all our sweet spirits to rise together inward all the way to the sun sweet emeralds of the heart a flowing river that gets us home
  • Eagle is the messenger of the Gods. Although, its home is the sky, Eagle stays grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Eagle urges you to spend your energies on pursuits that matter and on people who can only bring happiness, positivity and growth to your life. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zones and to reach higher heights and achieve even the impossible. It can give you courage to relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs to soar into unknown realms and new realities, continually expanding your view.t is a state of being reached through inner work, understanding, and passing initiation tests that come about from reclaiming our personal power. It is the gift of clear vision to live in balance with heaven and earth. Access Eagle's power by: Being patient.Eagle does not come easily or immediately. Go to an area where you can observe all that is below: hilltop, top of building etc. Vision Quest/meditation Studying/researching eagle's habitat, food sources,sounds


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