transformative embodiment with the stars

Humans have gathered together under the stars in ritual for intention setting, seed planting,

harvesting, celebrating and releasing since the beginning of time...


Join us with Katy Avila for an 8 week immersive journey into the mysteries of the body, spirit, and cosmos 

as we explore the rich world of astrology, and the deeply liberating and healing practice of Transformative Embodiment!


The wisdom of the moon is rhythmic. 


Waxing, waning. Growing, swelling, illuminating the world with its brilliant light - and then shrinking, disappearing, cloaking us in darkness. 


Just as the moon pulls on the tides, so too it tugs at us,

influencing our emotions, dreams, and bodies unconsciously, until we awaken to the cycles. 


When we listen to the body, and integrate the rhythm of the stars, planets and seasons into our lives...

we find instead of life happening to us, the universe works with us.

MoonBody is a group and safe gathering space for anyone who wants to...

Deepen your understanding of moon phases, zodiac signs, and other astrological events,


Develop and integrate personal ritual practices for manifestation -

as you connect with a community of like-minded souls,

And cultivate your body’s intuitive & sacred wisdom through Transformative Embodiment!

What is Transformative Embodiment?

Transformative embodiment is a movement experience that brings you into deep awareness of the body, to discover what sensations and emotions are alive within, and then guides you towards expressing them through your movements, postures, gestures and dance.


By getting out of the cognitive mind and into our sacred body wisdom,

we open ourselves to receive intuitive messages about our path and evolution.

Each online class is scheduled around the new or full moon,

and will occur every other Monday from 7 - 9pm Pacific time:

October 19 - New Moon in Libra

November 2 - Full Moon in Taurus

November 16 - New Moon in Scorpio

November 30 - Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

December 14 - New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Through this offering, you will receive...

- A one hour personal birth chart or embodiment session with Katy ($99 - $133 value)

- Hours of in-depth, discussion-based lectures on the Zodiac + astrological events

- PDFs of course curriculum on Zodiac + astrological events

- Five live, experiential Transformative Embodiment practices (45 mins each)

- Four sets of reflective journaling prompts delivered on our online forum

- Four reflective self-portrait prompts delivered on our online forum 

- Recordings of our lectures + discussions to revisit

- Recordings of Transformative Embodiment practices to revisit

- Five curated playlists from each class

- The absolutely invaluable opportunity to be witnessed and held in safe, sacred space throughout your personal embodiment evolution, as you re-member and integrate the beautiful depth and fullness of your Being!

- And sooo much more!

Connection + Logistics

This offering will take place via Zoom video conference call, so you may join us from the comfort of your own space! Access to our virtual meetings will be provided via confirmation email upon registration, and you will also receive a reminder email the day prior to our event with details and the link to join. Please save these emails and simply follow the link at our scheduled event time in order to gather with us! 


Our sessions will be recorded, though we encourage you to attend all classes to ensure you're able to deeply integrate and process the information and experiences shared.


It is important to have a private, quiet area to move in, and please bring a journal for reflecting.


Abundance Exchange

The regular cost of tuition for this course is $397. This covers all scheduled meetings and guided instruction, regular check-ins and journal prompts to help you drop in deeper and stay on track, and an individually scheduled Personal Birthchart/Embodiment Session with Katy!


We are currently offering different pricing tiers and payment options for registration, with the intent of making this opportunity available to those in various income brackets. We have very limited space available for this course, and all tickets are offered on a first come, first serve basis. In order to ensure those with sincere financial need are able to access and benefit from this offering at our lower-priced tiers, we kindly ask you please practice mindfulness when registering and only select these discounted options if this is YOU. If all tiers are inaccessible to you at this time, please reach out to us to discuss the potential of alternative options and forms of exchange. 


Join us in honor and exploration of your Self,

as we uncover the wisdom of body, mind and spirit with these cosmic teachers!


Enjoy exclusive offers + savings for returning students of the MoonBody community!

Meet Katy

Creatress + Facilitator of MoonBody

Katy is a transformative embodiment facilitator, tarot card reader, astrologer, musician, and writer. She believes we live in a magically intelligent universe where you and your life’s journey are an inextricable piece of the greater human story. Through weaving together the elements of body, myth, music, dance, poetry & the stars, she guides individuals into deeper understanding of their self, their path, and their relationship to the cosmos. In her practice, she teaches tools for intuition-building, mind-body-soul connection, and sacred creativity, all while holding space for growth & transformation as a loving witness. As a first generation college graduate of Mexican-American heritage, she knows that this work can heal wounds from personal to cultural and collective trauma. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and is certified in facilitating transformative embodiment through Intuitive Body & Dance ©.



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