Nata is a Mother, Artist, Certified Shamanic Herbalist, and Plant Spirit Guide working in the Wise Woman Healing Tradition. She approaches energy work & teaching through the belief that we each possess the power to heal and transform our lives by employing nourishing, regenerative practices which support both our own health, as well as the health of our local and global communities. Nata hopes to inspire and empower others along the Path as we each tap into Higher Guidance and Ancestral Wisdom, harness our unique gifts, and play toward harmonious collective growth! She finds inspiration in nature, music, and art in all its many forms, and specializes in Plant Communication, Color Therapy, Conscious Language, Bioacoustics, and Sound Healing to align us each with our divine God/Goddess!

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Nico is a Shamanic Practioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Teaching Master. Moved by the beauty and mysticism of the Universe, Nico has spent over a decade studying numerous cultural traditions, rituals, and techniques for personal growth and healing. He employs this Ancient Wisdom in his own spiritual practice, and hopes to share these gifts with others along this Journey.​ He specializes in Shamanic Sound Sessions, Liberating Breath Work, Healing through Artistic Expression, and body work through Capoeira Angola. With an emphasis on Heart Centered Healing, Nico's work is based on re-aligning the Spirit with Love for all things under the Sun.

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Megan is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and successful Healthy Cooking Coach of over 7 years. Ever a Truth Seeker, she has an extensive background in many different holistic healing modalities, including Nutrition, Kinesiology, Reiki, Experiential Shamanic Practice, and Sound Therapy. A great lover of the outdoors and an Authentic Living Advocate, she finds deep fulfillment in sharing the transformational tools she utilizes herself to help others facilitate and maintain their own awakening, health, and wellness.

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luma marie

Reiki Practitioner, Herbal Alchemist, Intuitive, and Founder of SolarMoon Goddess, LLC, Luma Marie's work is dedicated to uplifting and empowering Goddesses to connect to their Divine Feminine Birthright and live a life filled with Purpose and Intent. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and inspired largely by her grandmother's teachings, her roots and rich upbringing serve as the foundation for her passion for traditional folk and alternative healing modalities. As a Mother of three and one who has experienced womb trauma herself, she now shares her Wisdom, Channeled Guidance, and Deep Appreciation for Herbal Medicine, Womb Healing and Yoni Steaming with the Community. 

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Inspired and guided by her own Healing Journey, Pat is an Energetic Intuitive and Certified Reiki Teaching Master. A living testament of the Power of Positive Perspective and Belief, she seeks to share her experience and offerings with the Community, with the intent of uniting others with the potent gifts available to us through channeling Universal Life Force Energy for the purpose of Personal and Collective Healing. Through her warmth, loving example, and thorough approach, she truly embodies the "real-world" Magick of overcoming limitation and stepping into the empowered role of Self Healer. 

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We began in 2012 offering our wares and services at local craft fairs and farmers markets part-time, with the dream that one day our art and personal passions would not only support us emotionally and spiritually, but financially as well. At the close of 2015, with the birth of our daughter Amaru, we took a leap of faith, officially left our unfulfilling jobs, and that dream came true! 

We now offer transformational courses and offerings in traditional shamanic practice, herbalism, sustainable earth spirit medicine, bioacoustics, sound therapy, and radical self-mastery, have a strong influence within our local community and a growing virtual presence within the conscious community. 

Our products include meditative artwork, jewelry, decor and other home goods, shamanic tools, and small-batch organic herbal remedies. In 2016, we expanded our brand to include and support the handcrafted works of indigenous artists, including the Colombian people of the Wayuu and Zenú tribes.

All our products are ethically sourced and crafted with intention and reverence, and we take great care to ensure the impact we have is something our daughter could be proud of. 

In 2019, we established our home base and heartquarters in Claremont, California, allowing us to further expand and collaborate with our community to share the abundance of innovative and natural healing gifts available to each of us on this collective Journey. 

We hope to inspire, connect, and support our community, and empower individuals to follow their deepest dreams as we co-create a more harmonious world. 


Thank you

Nata & Nico

Founders of Waking Seed, LLC


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