May the Greater Human Organism thrive in Perfect Balance, Harmony, and Connection with the Natural World, awake to the Truth of our Purpose, our every vision and deed fueled and fulfilled by Love.  

AUTHENTICITY. We acknowledge our vulnerabilities, celebrate our virtues, and strive to connect ever more deeply with the unique Truth expressing itself through us. 

IMPACT. We are all connected, our each and every action affecting the consciousness and well being of the Whole. Rooted in Love, may each of our offerings create positive impact on the world and all her inhabitants for generations to come.

INCLUSIVITY. May we create safe, accessible spaces where all peoples may feel heard, valued, and nurtured. May we share the tools and wisdom which serves us, and empower others to reclaim the Divine and Sacred right to Health, Connection, and Wellness.

WHOLE HEALING. The deepest Healing comes not by starving oneself of the bad, but by flooding oneself with the good. May we seek true, lasting whole health of Body, Mind, and Spirit, and align with the most nourishing choices for our Selves.

COMMUNITY. We're in this together, plain and simple. May we offer the support we seek from others, and act with our local and global communities at Heart.

CREATION. All things in creation exist within you. May we honor this existence by following our Highest Excitement and birthing our deepest dreams to Life!

EMPOWERMENT. Healer heal thyself. May we each align with the courage to be accountable for our own healing and well being first, and may this goodness ripple throughout the Cosmos to bless all things! 


Awakening our community to higher awareness and harmonious living is a matter of re-membering the deep Love and symbiotic connection we share with one another and all things. Creating positive change and conscious growth is a spreading grassroots movement and collective effort. The Truth is that each choice we make affects not only our personal realities, but the collective reality of all in existence. One of the greatest ways you can empower the movement is by regularly tuning into your Heart Space, nurturing and tending loving relationship with your Self, the people around you, and the Earth, and actively supporting the dreams and creative efforts you'd like to see more of in the world. 


It's up to us to manifest the world we wish to see! 



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