Our Journey Began at the End of the World

Well, according to Maya prophecy...or the modern misinterpretation of their records, anyway.

It was the Fall Equinox of 2012 when we met for an impromptu date we'd planned somewhere across the Ethers, united by doodles, a tiny folded paper box, the coffee spirits, and surely - the very Hand of God.

On December 21st 2012, the last recorded day of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, we held ceremony in the Yucatán on the sacred grounds of Chichen Itza with thousands of people from around the world. 

It was here in ceremony, the first seeds of this community were planted...

and we've never looked back.

We knew there had to be more, so with nothing but Love in our pockets - and maybe a couple crystals - we took a leap of faith, denounced the "security" and enslavement of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and with direction from Spirit, set out to grow the life of our dreams. 

What Was There to Lose?

As it turns out, quite a bit! By choosing to say YES to our dreams, we have inevitably had to say NO to many things as well, facing any false beliefs which simply do not resonate at the same frequency as our vision. We've been called to meet and befriend our own shadows and self-imposed limitations many times over, healing generations of trauma-informed ancestral and societal programming in the process. As a direct byproduct of healing and aligning with the Higher Expression of our individual and unified Purpose, we've learned a lot about letting go - and even more about Trust.


Guided by Intuition, our Journey has lead us to see just what's possible by living our Truth and giving our all.

So far, we've gained the experience of learning hands-on with some of the world's leading experts in personal growth, spirituality, and business development, and have built a successful coaching and holistic wellness practice from the ground up.


What's more, we've gained a beautiful family, a global community of Magick Makers, an unshakable bond and faith in ourselves and our path, the freedom to do what we love every day - and thrive, and the immense pleasure of witnessing so many other Light Beings align with the joy and purpose of their Heart's Highest Calling!


So Many Give Up On Their Dreams For Fear of the Unknown

And yet, this is the very space our dreams reside! Just beyond the realm of our known reality, there is the Void - the perfect, expansive vault of pure potentiality, where our every thought, word, and desire are nestled until we will them into being. 

The task is not to eradicate the fear from our lives, but to rise to the call of our innermost joys and potential as Creator Beings - in spite of it. 

Whatever is standing between you and your most radiant, joyful, embodied expression and purpose...

We're here to help you re-member your Truth, realize your optimal timeline for growth, happiness, and success, 

and connect to the deeply nourishing and revitalizing resources and techniques to help you manifest and ground your wildest dreams into the physical world. 

We have spent the greater part of the last decade teaching and helping thousands of Star People of all walks and creeds to harness the time-tested tools we use ourselves to stay centered, empowered, and aligned with the vision and frequency of their Soul's Divine Blueprint. Whether it's through experiential healing techniques, shamanic tradition, folk herbalism and plant medicine, vibrational sound therapies, or personal mentoring, our work is rooted in the deeply liberating practice of Self to Source connection, harnessing and strengthening one's own innate ability to access and wield the intuitive power to connect to Spirit directly,

transforming reality as we know it.

No One Can Rise to Your Destiny But YOU

In a world saturated with healers, gurus, and coaches for just about any and every niche and subject you can think of, it can be easy to get lost in the noise, searching beyond ourselves for the gold we hold within. 


Yet the single most important characteristic we've found that takes our students and clients from merely surviving - to happily thriving and living out their purpose - is the willingness to value and act upon the guidance of their own Higher Intuition.


By learning to trust their intuition, take ownership and authority, and consciously choose the experiences they desire, our clients naturally feel more energized, confident, prepared, and aligned with their calling, open to attracting and creating the things which bring them the most joy, abundance, and fulfillment.


The truth already know who you are. 

You need only re-member. 

And we're here to help you do just that.

Because when you re-member just how miraculous, and beautiful, and powerful, and deserving you truly are, the whole world heals.

The once impossible becomes everyday reality. Your life becomes tangible proof of Magick in motion.

We're here to nurture and awaken the dormant seeds of Truth and Creative Potential within us all. 

Welcome to our Community. 

Nata + Nico

Winding Roads



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