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What traditions do you keep? 


Our offerings are rooted in the belief that all life shares an intimate and complex connection, that we are each working elements to a much greater whole, and that each of our actions ripples into the Universe to affect all else. Our hope and intention for each of our products and offerings is to help bring the people into deeper listening and connection with Self and Source, and into more loving, harmonious relationship with one another and the Earth. While we have formal and experiential training in a variety of different indigenous & Earth-based practices and belief systems, as well as our collective lived experiences to draw from, each of our offerings is inclusive, non-dogmatic, non-religious, and has been specifically and mindfully crafted to complement and benefit a diverse range of peoples. When sharing practices or tools specific to a person, group of people, or lineage, we will always give credit to our sources.

Is shamanism a religion, and can I integrate it alongside my current religious/spiritual practices or beliefs? 


In short, no - shamanism is not a religion, and so long as your own beliefs allow space for openminded, openhearted exploration of the human experience, you may implement "shamanic" wisdom into your life while still upholding other practices and beliefs you align with.

Shamanism and other Earth-based practices in general have been honored and utilized across nearly every continent and culture throughout the world, with varying traditions and teachings specific to the respective regions and people who birthed them. Because shamanism looks different depending on where in the world you are and whom you are referencing, by definition, it is not religious, though embracing Earth-conscious traditions and nurturing a deeper connection to one's Self, one's environment, and Source