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What traditions do you keep? 


Our offerings are rooted in the belief that all life shares an intimate and complex connection, that we are each working elements to a much greater whole, and that each of our actions ripples into the Universe to affect all else. Our hope and intention for each of our products and offerings is to help bring the people into deeper listening and connection with Self and Source, and into more loving, harmonious relationship with one another and the Earth. While we have formal and experiential training in a variety of different indigenous & Earth-based practices and belief systems, as well as our collective lived experiences to draw from, each of our offerings is inclusive, non-dogmatic, non-religious, and has been specifically and mindfully crafted to complement and benefit a diverse range of peoples. When sharing practices or tools specific to a person, group of people, or lineage, we will always give credit to our sources.

Is shamanism a religion, and can I integrate it alongside my current religious/spiritual practices or beliefs? 


In short, no - shamanism is not a religion, and so long as your own beliefs allow space for openminded, openhearted exploration of the human experience, you may implement "shamanic" wisdom into your life while still upholding other practices and beliefs you align with.

Shamanism and other Earth-based practices in general have been honored and utilized across nearly every continent and culture throughout the world, with varying traditions and teachings specific to the respective regions and people who birthed them. Because shamanism looks different depending on where in the world you are and whom you are referencing, by definition, it is not religious, though embracing Earth-conscious traditions and nurturing a deeper connection to one's Self, one's environment, and Source energy often provides the same spiritual fulfillment one might find during moments of passionate religious conviction or experience. 

Many of our students find the shamanic principles we share help them to clarify, expand upon, and supplement the other spiritual or religious systems they stand by, and those who do not actively uphold any sort of spiritual practice typically find these teachings provide a missing link they've been searching for in regard to their own personal healing and evolution. 

Where are you located and when can I visit?

Our heartquarters are currently located in Claremont, on the occupied lands of the Gabrieleño/Tongva/Kizh peoples of southern California.

We are open to serve you for individual and group sessions and all your artisanal shopping needs throughout the week 
by appointment, and we invite you to join us at our ongoing community classes and gatherings. 

You may also find us and our one-of-a-kind products and services at many pop-up markets and events throughout the year. Just add your name to our email list or check out our upcoming events to stay in the loop and see where we'll be next. We'd love to connect with you in person!

Forest Fern
by event and appointment all throughout the week!

I want to join one of your classes! When is it starting and how can I sign up?

The best way to stay in the loop is by joining our community mailing list below. We send out a few emails a month with all the latest on current and upcoming classes, events, and offers. We also encourage you to browse around our site and follow our social media pages, where we post resources and information to help you navigate and stay connected.

How are you responding to the current state of affairs in relation to COVID-19?

As always, we are employing the best methods we know to ensure the health and wellness of ourselves, our families, and our beloved community members, relying on the use of dependable, time-tested, natural practices and remedies to nurture and support a strong and vibrant body, mind, and soul. Because our heartquarters are wonderfully intimate and cozy, we have always chosen to limit the number of guests in our space for comfort and safety purposes. For this reason, we ask guests please pre-register for all events so we may best prepare and accommodate everyone. If you are exhibiting symptoms of illness (of any kind), we ask you please refrain from attending any in-person group offerings until you are well again. If you are under the weather and in need of support, we are happy to process your orders for herbal packages, medicines, and other products, and encourage you to explore and participate in any of our virtual offerings and services! 

To clarify, we strongly believe in each individual's right to medical choice, freedoms, and privacy. As a sovereign being charged with the care of your own 
beautiful vessel, we trust you will do what you feel is best for your health and wellbeing while interacting with our offerings. We cannot morally or legally enforce the use of facial coverings, social distancing, or other mandated guidelines on our premises, and we will not be implementing any sort of practices or technology intended to access the private and sensitive medical history of our guests, including the verification of one's immunization records. 

Basket and Wild Flowers
Stone Mortar and Pestle
White Wild Flowers
Nico Zuluaga

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