Nourishing Our Roots

Do you feel the pull of something greater?

That ache within telling you there's something missing?
The longing to become who you truly are? 


The world is rapidly shifting - and calling us to shift with it. 
Not into something new, but to return to something ancient, and sacred, and boundless.

To embody the Truth of our Highest Purpose. 


Collectively, we are being called to step more fully into our authentic expression.

Away from conditioned programming, false beliefs about our reality, where we come from, and what we're capable of. 

To step into the courage it takes to rewrite our own stories, reclaim our lost traditions, and heal ourselves.

Not just for our own wellbeing, but for the health of all living things.



interconnected web of natural intelligence,


And we are here to help you re-member.

Upcoming Course Dates


Nourishing Our Roots is a 7 week introductory course in re-membrance of Traditional Shamanic Wisdom & Earth Spirit Medicine rooted in experiential knowledge and heart-centered healing. 

This is a non-dogmatic, non-religious, come as you are setting where we assist one another in holding Sacred Space for Inner Healing, as we re-member and honor the ancient traditions used and passed on by our Elders. 

In this hands-on course, you will intimately explore and experience universal shamanic principles which support and encourage balanced living in a modern age.


We share practical tools and systems to help you re-connect to your Authentic Self, uncover hidden blockages, deepen relationship with the Earth and natural elements around us, and create empowering habits to support your growth and wellbeing, all with the loving support of community.

Reclaim Your Creative Power

Calling in Community


This offering is for anyone and everyone who feels called to take their healing into their own hands, step more fully into the journey of self growth and discovery, and connect more deeply to the wisdom of the Earth.

We gather in the Spirit of Community, with the 
hope & intent that these offerings serve to help bring the people into deeper listening & connection with the Self, and into more loving, harmonious relationship with one another and the natural world.


Each of our offerings is inclusive, non-dogmatic, non-religious, and has been specifically and mindfully crafted to complement and benefit a diverse range of peoples. 

Whatever your experience, background, and beliefs are,

we welcome you to our circle.

Loving Support


We aim to create a sacred container and loving space in which we may each feel safe, seen, heard, and nurtured as we reflect, embrace, and share our individual and group discoveries as they arise. 

This is a space of acceptance, and an opportunity to practice compassion, both toward the Self as well as others in our community.


We vow to acknowledge, witness, support, and empower you on your Journey as you develop your gifts and align your actions with your instincts. 

During Our Time Together


Classes Will Expand Upon:

+ Establishing & Strengthening Connection with the Inner Realm & Higher Self
+ Tuning of the Senses

+ Importance of Ritual
+ Basic Energetic Protection & Safety Techniques
+ Establishing a Personal Power Spot
+ Shamanic Breathing Techniques & Meditation
+ Grounding & Drawing Energy from Mother Earth

+ Proper Plant & Spirit Offerings

+ Understanding of the 4 directions & their significance

+ Developing Relationships with Plant, Stone, Animal & Spirit Companions

+ Creation of Sacred Altar & Tools
+ Altered Brain Wave States & Drum 


What is Shamanism?


The word "Shamanism" has come to be associated with many things, especially in recent years, as we see more and more practitioners and spiritualists embrace alternative lifestyles and return to natural methods of healing. Because of this, there is no single agreed-upon definition, but in our understanding, we use it simply to describe an Earth-based system of knowledge which serves to empower individuals to deepen relationship with the unseen world so they may receive the insight to heal themselves and their communities. 

While we have formal and experiential training in a variety of different indigenous & Earth-based practices & belief systems, as well as our collective lived experiences to reference, we aim not to share the rituals or cultural practices of any one specific nation or group of peoples, but rather to draw upon the common thread of Truth woven between the traditions of our Elders: that we are each a vital part of an interconnected, interdependent whole, and that our each and every action ripples out to affect all else.

This offering isn't here so you may claim the title of "shaman," but so you may realize your impact and connection within this web of natural intelligence, take accountability for your Life, reclaim your personal power, and align your choices with the beliefs and practices which serve your Highest Purpose.


We pray through this strengthened connection, you may ignite and return to a sense of childlike joy and innocence, and create the Life you've always dreamt of with the support and strong foundation of community.

This Offering Is Not


A simple, fast track, one-and-done course to add to your "spiritual" resume. Intended to provide all the answers or solutions. Here to promote or perpetuate cultural appropriation, prejudices, or any systems of violence or oppression. A course in dogmatic principles or religion. A space to perpetuate victim mentality or spiritual bypassing.

This Offering Is


An invitation to engage in the process of examining and unraveling your conditioned beliefs about the world and your place in it. A safe space to be vulnerable, raw, and honest. An opportunity to consider your impact and connection to the global community at large, unlearn the habits and behaviors which are inhibiting your growth, and rewrite your own stories and narratives from an empowered perspective. Rooted in experiential knowledge - we do, therefore we know. Here to help you develop and strengthen your own innate ability to communicate with the unseen world. To aid you in interpreting and integrating the messages and guidance of both the internal and external realms we navigate. A chance to strengthen Intuition and trust in oneself, connect with the wisdom of our Ancestors, and create from a space of accountability, authentic expression, and Self mastery. A single stop on the lifelong path of self inquiry and discovery.


Time Commitment & Course Details

14+ class hours over 7 weeks 
(Class will not meet October 25th)




At the completion of this course, students will experience their own personal Shamanic Journey, guided and supported by live drumming.



We will gather for roughly 2 hours each week via Zoom video conference calls. Classes will meet on Sundays at 11am Pacific time. Because this offering is rooted in community and experiential learning, in order to get the most out of this experience, we highly encourage you join us for these live calls. If you can't make it live, the calls will be recorded for you to view at your convenience. 




SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers by Kenneth Meadows


ANIMAL SPEAK: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews



Course Facilitators



Nico is a Shamanic Practioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Teaching Master. Moved by the beauty and mysticism of the Universe, Nico has spent over a decade studying numerous cultural traditions, rituals, and techniques for personal growth and healing. He employs this ancient wisdom in his own spiritual practice, and hopes to share these gifts with others along this Journey.​ He specializes in Shamanic Sound Sessions, Liberating Breath Work, Healing through Artistic Expression, and body work through Capoeira Angola. With an emphasis on heart centered healing, Nico's work is based on re-aligning the Spirit with Love for all things under the Sun.



Nata is a Mother, Artist, Certified Shamanic Herbalist, and Plant Spirit Guide working in the Wise Woman Healing Tradition. She approaches energy work & teaching through the belief that we each possess the power to heal and transform our lives by employing nourishing, regenerative practices which support both our own health, as well as the health of our local and global communities. Nata hopes to inspire and empower others along the Path as we each tap into Higher Guidance and ancestral wisdom, harness our unique gifts, and play toward harmonious collective growth! She finds inspiration in nature, music, and art in all its many forms, and specializes in Plant Communication, Color Therapy, Conscious Language, Bioacoustics, and Sound Healing to align us each with our divine God/Goddess!

Abundance Exchange


We offer several different tuition options & payment plans in order to keep this offering open and accessible to as many people as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


I really want to join, but may not be able to participate in the live meetings - may I still enroll?
Because this offering is rooted in community, we highly recommend you join our live gatherings whenever possible. If, for whatever reason, you're unable to be with us live, our meetings will always be recorded for you to view at your convenience. 

Is there any required reading or homework?
We will be offering different prompts and exercises for you to practice and implement in your daily routine at home, as well as suggesting different texts and resources which may support your learning experience, but none of these things are required. Your level of investment and participation is entirely up to you, though as with any practice, the more you give to it, the more you will get out of it.


Will I need any class materials?

On the first date of class, we will supply you with a short list of materials you'll need to support your practice. Many of the items you may already have at home!

May the Greater Human Organism thrive in Perfect Balance, Harmony, and Connection with the Natural World, awake to the Truth of our Purpose, our every vision and deed fueled and fulfilled by Love.  




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